5.000,00 incl. BTW

The Super Sport is comparable to the Little Dreamer, but it is a size bigger.

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Product price:  5.000,00 incl. BTW
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The Super Sport is the larger version of our furniture. Especially for fans of large motorcycles, such as 1000cc motorcycles and naked bikes. The Super Sport can be expanded into a wall unit with a superstructure. The base is standard equipped with a Plexiglas surround and adjustable LED lighting.

The plexiglass keeps your motorcycle safe and protects it from dust and fingerprints. The magnetic tape on the inside of the plexiglass provides an invisible, tight fastening. Thanks to the airtight seal, even petrol or rubber smells are no problem. With the RGBW LED lighting you can make your bike really shine. The height of the Super Sport makes it less suitable as a table. By equipping the top with tread plate, wood or epoxy, you can give it a premium look.

Width – 2,20 m
Height – 1,35 m
Depth – 0,80 m
Extension depth – 0,40 cm

Interior motorcycle design:
Width – 2,18 m
Height – 1,17 m
Depth – 0,78 m

Super Sport with extension – restaurant design:
Height – 2,10 m
Extension depth – 0,40 cm

Super Sport with extension – shelf design:
Height – 2,20 m
Extension depth 0,40 cm

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