3.000,00 incl. BTW

The Little Dreamer is our compact base to put your motorcycle on.

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Product price:  3.000,00 incl. BTW
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The Little Dreamer is the smaller version of our furniture. Expand the Little Dreamer into a wall unit with a top-mounted unit. We deliver this base as standard, including a Plexiglas surround and LED lighting with remote control.

Thanks to the plexiglass, your motorcycle is safe and protected from dust and fingerprints. The magnetic tape on the inside of the plexiglass provides an invisible connection. Plus, thanks to this airtight seal, there are no petrol or rubber smells. The LED lighting makes your bike stand out even more. The compact shape of the Little Dreamer allows you to also use this base as a tall table. The base, without the superstructure on top, is very suitable for being placed in the middle of a room. Choose a glass top, so you can admire your motorcycle from five sides.

Width – 2,0 m
Height – 1,18 m
Depth – 0,80 m

Interior motorcycle space:
Width – 1,98 m
Height – 1,00 m
Depth – 0,78 m

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