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How the dream started

Gear7Project was born out of pure passion for motorcycles. Every motorcycle enthusiast has a dream: to be able to place your own motorcycle in your living room. But you will need the approval of your partner for that. And how do you do this safely when there are children and pets around? Gear7Project offers the solution. A motorcycle display and piece of furniture in one. With premium materials and spacious construction, our furniture fits perfectly into your living room, hobby room or in your shop, office or restaurant.

From dream to reality

Dreaming is easy, but turning your dream into reality is another story. After many drawings, exchanging ideas with other motorcycle enthusiasts and weighing all kinds of practical interests, such as weight, sturdiness, safety and appearance, we arrived at this design. In cooperation with professionals in the aluminium welding business Gear7Project’s dream has become reality.

Still can’t get enough

We are not satisfied with just a successful idea. We see it as our mission to make the dreams of motorcycle enthusiasts like us come true. We continue to refine the design, but the focus is now really on writing the next chapter of this boyhood dream. Will you join us in writing?


Why Gear7Project?

Collecting is more than just buying objects...

My name is Jip van Putten, a true motorcycle enthusiast and someone who is always full of ideas. With Gear7Project, I hope to make your dream come true. Gear7Project is that missing seventh gear of your motorcycle. The finishing touch that makes the picture complete. I do not only think from the perspective of the enthusiast. Our furniture should also put a smile on the faces of the rest of the family. Your bike deserves it!

World first commercial
motorbike furniture


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